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Build a best-in-class God-honoring business. Grow yourself and overcome obstacles.

The Christian Business Council provides access to Godly counsel from Christian leaders like you. Want to grow your business and solve the challenges that matter the most to you as a leader? We help one another build best-in-class businesses using a practical focus anchored in our commitment to timeless Biblical truth.

Supporting leaders. Growing faith.

What our members say about the group

"My father was a very wise man of God. When I learned about his cancer diagnosis, and especially later when he passed away, I knew I would miss his wise counsel most of all. I knew that God did not want me to run my business alone on an island, but that His kingdom would be better served if I tried to gather other wise men of God around me who are also trying to run their business in a Godly way. I have found that and more in my membership with Christian Business Council, and I would recommend CBC to any other business owner looking for wise Godly counsel in business and life."

Mr. Jody Winter, Esq.
LloydWinter, P.C. / Fresno, CA

I really value the opportunity to ask any kind of advice. Prior to being a part of the group, I often had to make decisions based on little practical information. Now I can bring up an issue and receive wise counsel.

My participation in Christian Business Council has been crucial to making my company a viable ministry and it has given me perspective about the many opportunities God lays in my path daily.

Lauren Prichard, CEO
ABORN POWERS / Cameron Park, CA
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