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Centered around helping you grow

Answering your most important questions
  • Are you struggling to achieve balance between your personal, professional, and spiritual lives?
  • Do you need access to experienced colleagues who understand the challenges you face as a Christian and a CEO?
  • Are you looking for a greater level of accountability to help yourself stay focused?

Our curriculum will guide you to the answers that will grow your business and grow your faith.

Your advisory group on a wide range of topics

Sample curriculum topics include:

  • Cultivating A Healthy Company Culture
  • The Grace to Say, “No”
  • Critical Pivot Points in Biblical Decision Making
  • Right-sizing, Prepping for the Next Downturn
  • Corporate Giving
  • Driving Excellent Customer Service Experiences
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Getting More Done
  • How the Mighty Fall
  • The Corporate Culture of Learning
  • Selling Your Company
  • The Power of Micro-Scripting
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Emotional I.Q./Agility
  • Digital Marketing
  • Our Legal Freedom to Lead As Christian Business Owners
  • Improving Employee Engagement & Retention
  • Hiring Right / Effective On-Boarding
Focus on what matters most to you.

The Christian Business Council Board Room is a safe and confidential place where members can talk openly about the most sensitive, strategic, and challenging issues they face... issues they often can't talk about ANYWHERE else... with ANYONE else!

Supporting leaders. Growing faith.

What our members say about the group

“If you don't like change, you were born in the wrong century. In order to effectively lead our businesses through this fast changing environment, we have to regularly step back and analyze not only what and how, but why we do what we do from all angles; relational, personnel, economic and eternal. Time spent sharpening your hoe is never time wasted. One day a month, we do just that at CBC and the day has always been more than worth the investment in the pursuit of excellence at all levels. There's just no way a Christ centered business can reach its full potential otherwise. Come join us and see the results for yourself.”

Vernon E. Peterson, President
The Peterson Family / Kingsburg, CA

“The ability to meet with like-minded business leaders to discuss business and personal challenges in a Christian context is invaluable.

CBC provides me with leadership accountability and encourages me to run my business in such a way that it aligns with my beliefs and becomes a ministry to my staff.”

Michael Pearson, , CEO
DSA Technologies / Elk Grove, CA

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