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  • Wishing you had access to an objective board of seasoned and trustworthy Christian CEO voices who understand the unique challenges you face?
  • Knowing you need some greater level of accountability to stay focused on what’s most important, and wondering if that’s even possible?
  • Hoping to use your unique skills, abilities, and experiences to serve the eternally significant purposes God has designed you for?
  • Struggling to achieve balance between the personal, professional, family, spiritual, and recreational spheres of your life?

If you answered “yes” to more than one of these questions … welcome to the Christian Business Council! 


Francis Bacon is credited with saying ‘Knowledge is power’. In the Christian Business Council – we experience knowledge shared as power multiplied.

Enjoy these benefits

By Becoming a Member

  • Receive peer CEO advice and counsel on important issues.
  • Grow through discussion of leading-edge business curriculum.
  • Refine best practices in business leadership.
  • Experience focused accountability for meaningful results.
  • Benefit from customized CEO coaching.
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